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5 Stunning Barcelona Picture Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

Barcelona is one of the most well known cities in Spain, mainly for its gorgeous weather, architecture, and lively social scene. It is by far the perfect city for any photographer as it presents you with amazing streets, beautiful architecture, and beaches that can make any photographer’s dream come true. In this post I will be sharing with you my top 5 favourite photo spots that are perfect for you to recreate on your next visit. Don’t forget to click on any image to be directed to my instagram for more inspiration!

1. Santa Familia

This was one of the most majestic locations in the city by far. It is the largest cathedral I’ve ever seen, and is still in construction. After years of admiring it online I was so amazed to finally see it in person, and it did not disappoint. This location is stunning and presents so many photo opportunities: you can take them directly in front, inside, on the roof, or from across the pont, as I did. Whichever location you chose, you will for sure have a perfect shot!

2. Parc Guell

I was also so excited to visit Parc Guell, and I think it may have been my favourite location in the city. I loved Parc Guell because of how vibrant the colours were and for how unique the tiles in the mosaic were along the walls. It also had such a gorgeous lookout point that gave a view of the city that went on for ages. Another great part of this park was that it had rustic type areas in the bottom area that gave a totally different vibe, and looked like ruins; would definitely recommend checking it out as well.

3. Arc De Triomphe

In every city I’ve visited, I always check out the Arcs; I’ve seen the ones in London, Milan, Genoa, and Paris, but the Barcelona one has by far been my favourite. I found that it really stood out due to its brown colour and moulding; in addition, it also stands at the end of a long walkway that is lined by palm trees on either side. This Arc is a perfect picture spot not only by itself, but looks amazing with the palm trees as well. 

4. Parc De La Ciutadella

This location is not as well known as the above three, but is by far a hidden gem in this city. It is located at the east side of the city, and is also really pretty. You can take pictures along the walkways with the palm trees, but my favourite location was the monument in the middle of the park that had stairs on either side. This made for the perfect sitting, leaning, or standing shot.

5. Cathedral De Barcelona

I also really liked this spot because it also offered a few options, depending on what type of picture you are hoping to take. The surrounding streets were really cute and colourful, making for perfect street pictures; my favourite location here was the street directly in front of the cathedral, as you could get a cute Barcelona type street shot with the cathedral in the back, adding a nice touch to the shot. You could also sit on the steps outside the cathedral or stand directly in front to get a close tup shot; whichever you prefer!

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Unique and Fun Picture Spots in Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of Italy, is known for its famous italian landmarks, as well as the italian city vibe it gives off. Just as any other city in Italy, Rome does not disappoint with its photography opportunities. The exciting thing about Rome is that you get to see famous landmarks such as the colosseum, as well as being surrounded by stunning architecture. By reading this, I hope I can inspire you to see this beautiful city for yourself!

1. The Colosseum

I was really excited to see the colosseum, as I had always associated it with Italy before visiting the country. It is so big and such an iconic landmark, you can’t miss it! It is also great because you can take so many angles, whether it be standing or sitting directly in front, or using it as a background, it will always give you the perfect rome aesthetic you crave.

2. Trevi Fountain

When I saw the Trevi Fountain in person, I couldn’t believe how amazing it truly was; the colour was the prettiest turquoise, and it was huge! The architecture ws also quite remarkable. There are lots of places to sit or stand in front for pictures, but my favourite shot is the act of throwing a coin to make a wish.

3. Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps are also really pretty, and definitely worth a visit. They are right down the street from the trevi fountain, and super easy to spot as the whole street opens up to them. You can also climb to the top to get a bird’s eye view of the city. Be careful not to sit down though, as you will get told to leave by security.

4. The Vatican

The Vatican is also a great photo opportunity. It is such a unique place to visit, as it has so much authority as its own type of country. It is very easy to access, as buses can take you right from Rome in no time at all. The Vatican is especially pretty in the evenings, with the surrounding evening glow.

5. Pont St. Angelo

This was my favourite bridge in Rome for sure. I found it to be the prettiest at night, as the surroundings have a pink tone to them with the city all light up as well. It is such a nice spot as you can see the Vatican in the background, giving the perfect Rome picture from any angle.

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Unique and Fun Paris City Guide From a Local

Although London is by far my favorite city, I also adore Paris so much! The whole city gives off classy happy vibes, and you are sure to fall in love with the city as a whole! 

This guide will give you the perfect 3 day itinerary so you can have the best time in this beautiful city.

Day 1

  • Eiffel Tower
  • La Seine
  • Ponte Alexandre III
  • Trocadero

Day 2

  • Louvre
  • Montemartre
  • La Maison Rose
  • Eiffel Tower Light Show

Day 3

  • La Favorite
  • L’arc de Triomph
  • Printemps

Day 1: Welcome to Paris

Welcome to Paris! You’re probably so excited to see the Eiffel tower, and that is exactly where we’re headed today! There are so many amazing places throughout Paris where you can get your dream view of this amazing landmark, and you can find my favorite spots here. These spots are all relatively central and close to one another, so whichever you choose will be amazing and work with the rest of today’s itinerary; you can also visit multiple of these locations to get even more of the Eiffel Tower experience. 

The Eiffel tower has three levels that you can choose to attend if you wish to go up the elevator; this is quite the experience for many reasons. For starters the elevator ascends on an angle which feels super weird. It is a great experience for sure because of the stunning Parisian views you will see at any level you choose. 

After you see the Eiffel tower at all angles, I’d recommend you take a stroll along the Seine river; it stretches through the city center of Paris and has so many sights along the way, including several beautiful bridges that make good lookout points and river views. Personally, my favorite bridge is Ponte Alexandre III. I love this bridge so much because of its massive gold pillars and black lamp posts along the way; it also has really fancy railings at both ends, and makes for another great spot to view the eiffel tower. 

Not too far along after Ponte Alexandre III on the west side of the river, you will find yourself at Trocadero; this spot has one of the most famous spots to see the Eiffel tower because of its stairs and ramps that make a stunning shot and viewpoint. 

Today’s plan will probably take about half the day, which is perfect for the first day as you will probably have spent half of it with arrivals. 

Day 2: sightseeing and the light show 

Today we are starting our day by heading to the Louvre; you could get tickets to go inside the museum and see the famous Mona Lisa, or you could stay in the courtyard and admire the amazing architecture. The Louvre is absolutely stunning and is another great photography spot. 

After visiting the Louvre, we are heading to Montmartre, the northern region of Paris. This area is much quieter than the central hub of Paris, but is still gorgeous and has really cute sights. Just outside of the metro you will find a massive hill with an amazing lookout; the metro station itself is also a great photo opportunity. 

While you’re here, you will find loads to do just by taking a stroll around; there are so many little parks and shops you are sure to easily spend an afternoon checking out whatever grabs your attention.

This region is also where you find the famous maison rose, a cute pink house at the side of a hill; it totally gives French countryside vibes and is also a great photo opportunity. 

Tonight is exciting because we are going to see the light show at the Eiffel Tower! After sunset every hour for five minutes, the Eiffel Tower sparkles and displays the most magical light show in Paris! I personally thought it was the prettiest thing ever and would watch it all night if I could! At 1am, it is slightly different as the entire tower completely shuts off and twinkles gold and silver, whereas other hours it twinkles but the body remains lit up as well. 

Day 3: Goodbye Paris

Today we are going to see the last few parts of Paris before we leave. This day is perfect because you don’t need that much time at any of these destinations, making it super easy to do before your departure, whatever that time may be.

We are going to start by heading over to La Favorite, one of the cutest Cafes I’ve ever seen. It is perfect to start here because you can grab a coffee to start your day, all while enjoying how cute it is. The outside is filled with pink flowers and the inside is adorable as well. 

From here, I recommend hopping on the metro across the street and heading to the Arc de Triomphe; you will arrive right at the foot of the Arc. It is stunning and massive in person, and is a great sight to see. 

Depending on how much time you have today, you could also head down the street from the Arc and into the department store Printemps; it is about a 20 minute walk and has a few lookout point at the sixth floor that gives you the most stunning view of paris, with the Eiffel tower in the back; I would highly recommend going here at sunset to add even more to this view. 

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5 Unique Things to do in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

If you’re headed to Asia, Singapore is an absolute must. It is very modern and is also known as the garden city for being so lush and pristine. On top of that it is extremely safe and not at all crowded. As it is a city, you can spend 1-3 days here and experience all it has to offer. I would highly recommend starting your trip to Asia in Singapore because it is a great city to start getting adapted to Asia as you will be extremely safe and have the opportunity to adjust to  the new cultures and timezone. 

Singapore is known to be really expensive, but in reality it is just more expensive than the popular neighboring Asian countries. To give a reference, the Singapore dollar is almost the same as the Canadian dollar, and I found prices to be either the same as in Canada or slightly cheaper overall- so don’t be concerned that it will break the bank, it just is not “cheap”. That being said, you can definitely travel to Singapore on a budget and I have even more tips here. 

Supertree Grove

Maybe I’m biased because it was on my bucket list for YEARS but supertree grove is an absolute MUST! Supertree grove consists of 18 supertrees spread out throughout the park. It is completely free to enter the park, and it is really nice to even wander throughout as there are so many pretty flowers and massive plants to see, it feels like a mini jungle. Keep in mind also that the park is absolutely massive, and if you enter from one end it may take at least 30 mins to get to the other end of the park. 

One thing I found really cool is that the trees are all solar powered, which definitely contributes to Singapore’s sustainability efforts. The trunks of the trees also have live plants growing up them. 

As I said, even though it is free to enter the park and see the supertrees, ifg you would like to go up the trees and walk along the bridge, it is SGD10 (about $11 CAD for reference). You can purchase your tickets at the foot of the trees and you can go up for as long as you would like. There is a really great view from the top as you can see the Singapore flyer, Marina Bay Sands, the park, and even the ocean! 

I would recommend visiting Supertree grove in the morning so that it is not too crowded- I visited around 10am and I found it was not crowded at all. 

Merlion Park

Merlion park is another free thing to check out in  Marina bay! It is a statue that is half lion, half mermaid (hence the name). It’s a fun thing to check out and get touristy pictures with. There are a few smoothie stands nearby, and it is also a great place to sit and eat lunch/snack outside while you take in the views from the rest of marina bay.

Cloud Forest

The cloud forest is also one of the main attractions at marina bay. It has one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls, as well as so many lush tropical plants to admire. 

Unlike supertree grove, I would definitely recommend buying your ticket in advance as it is cheaper than buying it in person. I would recommend going to the cloud forest in the morning either before or after supertree grove, so that it is not too crowded but the sun is up; it has a sunroof which brings in so much natural light, so you’ll want to go during the day while it is bright! 

Flower Dome

The flower dome is an exotic greenhouse with 9 different gardens inside, each offering a different theme and variety of plants. The flower dome is literally so magical, and will have you feeling like you’re in the set of alice and wonderland. Just like the cloud forest, I would recommend getting your ticket in advance as it is cheaper; if you want to visit the flower dome and the cloud forest, you can even get a bundle ticket for both and you’ll save even more!

One thing to note about the flower dome is that it is not the orchid garden, and if you want to visit the orchid garden you will have to get to the other side of the city! The orchid garden is much cheaper though to visit and is also very worthwhile. 

Marina Bay Sands

Lastly, you can’t miss Marina Bay Sands itself! It is a massive building which has everything you need and almost seems like a mini city in itself. If you walk in from outside you’ll be in the shopping mall area which has access to the MRT, food court, lots of shopping, drinks, bars, hotel, etc. The mall itself is a,so really futuristic and even has a river with boats at the bottom! I’d recommend going to Marina bay sands in between other attractions if you need a break from the heat or just want to chill out for a bit. 

These are 5 really cool things to do that I would highly recommend adding to your Singapore itinerary. Although there’s lots to do in marina bay sands, I would 100% recommend branching out as well and exploring other things Singapore has to offer. If you need inspiration, check out my singapore guide herefor more (budget friendly) things to do! 

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Everything you need to backpack Europe

Is your European backpacking trip coming up? How exciting! But what are you going to pack? I’ve put together a guide of all the essentials that will make your trip SO much smoother, and enhance your experience overall.

First off, let’s start out with your backpack. You have many options here, so of course you’ll want to chose the one that is best for you!

If you are a light packer, I would highly recommend this backpack here. It is amazing because it fits as a carry-on on all of the budget airlines, which you may be taking to get from country to country; this bag will save you SO much in airline fees, as they charge over €60 for checked baggage. If you are planning on taking more than would fit in a carry-on, you could opt for this backpacker backpack. It fits tons of stuff and you can also still easily carry it on your back.

Portable chargers are literal life savers! I recommend this one, because it is solar powered so you can charge it during the day without any electricity at all. It also has 20000Mah (and for reference the average phone takes 3000Mah to charge) so you should get 4-5 full charges from it! I don’t know about you, but I need my phone to navigate and take pictures so for me having it charged is a must!

A microfiber towel is also a must! If you’re staying at hotels you will likely use theirs when at the hotel, but they are still a must if you plan on going swimming at lakes/oceans. I love them because they fold up and barely take any space (they can fit in your pocket) and they dry extremely quickly. This one here is super affordable and even has its own bag to fold up into.

The wall sockets are also different in Europe than in other continents, so you’ll also want a travel adapter. I would recommend this one because it is a universal travel adapter, so no matter where in the world you go you can be sure you have the correct adapter.

Another useful thing is this cord; I love it because it is essentially 4 chargers in one, so you can charge you phone, portable charger, and. any other electronics with it. This is super helpful because it saves space and helps you not forget any cords as they are all in one.

If you are staying in hostels, you’ll want to make sure you have a lock. The lockers in most hostels lock with your room key, but you’ll definitely want to have a lock on you just in case it is a bring your own lock situation. Trust me, it is really hard to find locks in foreign countries and you definitely don’t want to leave your stuff unlocked or carry it around all day. This is a great lock as it is super simple to use.

If you want to have pictures of yourself/ whoever you are with and don’t want to ask people too take photos, then you need a tripod! literally can’t imagine travelling without mine. I would recommend this one because it packs up really efficiently and you can set it up in seconds and easily carry it around with you all day; it is also very lightweight.

A passport cover is also a must, incase you spill anything it will protect your passport from getting wet (and if it is wet it is invalid). I like this one because it has a strap on it, so you can secure it even more and prevent it from falling out of your bag or getting stolen.

You’ll also probably want a water bottle to have on your train rides, flights, and just when out exploring. I love this one because it keeps drinks hot or cold the entire day! It also has a handle that you can carry easily or clip on to your bags.

Talking about clipping things to bags, you’ll also probably want to have some carabiners. These are amazing because they let you clip things to your bag and anything else. They are especially helpful if your bag is full and you need to attach things to the outside.

While on your journeys, it is also of course nice to be able to listen to music or watch shows… this pair of wireless earbuds lets you do just that. they’re also nice to have if you’re solo travelling while walking during the day.

Flip flops are also a must! If you’re staying in hostels you’ll for sure want to ahem them for the showers. And if you’re planning on going to the beach they’re also perfect! Here is a pair you can get right now.

Talking about the beach, you’ll want to make sure you have sunscreen! This one here is great because it is travel sized and has a high spf.

Along with the sun protection, I would highly recommend you get a pair of sunglasses. I love these ones because they go with every outfit and are very affordable.

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An exciting way to spend a day in Florence, Italy

Florence is such gorgeous city, and definitely worth a visit. Although there is lots to do and see, it is not massive and would definitely be a great option if you want to pick a city to visit for the day. here I will be talking about my favourite spots in Florence, to ensure you can get the most out of this cute city with the time being.

Getting to Florence

Florence is a great option for a day trip due to how accessible it is from other main cities in Italy. It is located in the upper middle region of Italy, in the heart of Tuscany. Because of this, I would recommend it as the perfect day trip from Milan or Rome; a train from either of these cities takes approximately 1h 45, and costs around 10€. The train station in Florence is only 1km from the city centre, making it extremely easy to hop off the train and walk into the heart of the city within 15 minutes.

Getting around

Car rental: Trust me on this one, you don’t want to rent a car! The city is super congested and extremely narrow; on top of that the streets are like a maze. I can’t even imagine driving here, it would take forever and be extremely stressful. Even if you are the most skilled person when it comes to navigation and handling other drivers, it would still likely take longer than walking due to the constant congestion of pedestrians, horses (yes, tons!), mopeds, and other vehicles. 

Walking: I would recommend you walk; the whole city is highly walkable and you can cross either side within 30 minutes easily. Walking is also a great way to slow down and take in the city views!

Public Transport: Florence actually has an excellent public transport system, as most Italian cities do. Its is super easy to navigate, and I would recommend figuring it out by using your phone’s map app; it will show you where to catch the bus and the times it will arrive. I would also recommend you buy bus tickets in advance at any station, as it is not guaranteed that you will be able to pay on the bus. 

Taxi: If you want to take a taxi, I would recommend taking one to get to your accommodation. Other than that, I would say they are best to avoid as like driving, they are not the fastest and are for sure more expensive than public transit.

In Florence

Florence is famous for its many shops that line the streets of the city. You could spend days here if you wanted to visit all of them, but since we only have a day its best to stick to window shopping for now. 

I found Florence to be so unique to other Italian cities because of the castle aesthetic throughout; the roads were all cobblestone and many buildings had a top that looked exactly like castle walls; the whole city felt like a massive castle.

If you want to have the best views in Florence, you have got to check out the Piazzale Michelangelo. It is extremely easy to get to as it is just across one of there main bridges, and then up a set of stairs (beware… lots of stairs!) But the climb is 100% worth it. You get the most stunning view of the city; it also makes for a great picture opportunity!

If it’s a hot day, I would definitely recommend getting gelato as well; gelato shops can be found on any street, and it is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the Italian culture all while cooling down. 

For your evening in Florence, I would highly recommend taking a stroll along the Arno River; it is essentially in the city centre, and has numerous bridges that connect the city to the other side of the river. You can catch the most beautiful sunsets here, and they look absolutely stunning over the water and bridges.


If you find yourself in Florence for more than a day, I would highly recommend you take a day trip to the Leaning tower of Pisa. It is a short 45 minute trip ride away, and is very cheap to take. There is not loads to do other than see the tower, but I would definitely consider it a bucket list thing to do, and since you’re so close…may as well go see it and take the famous picture!

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How To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Split,Croatia: Everything You Need To Know

How to spend a weekend in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia in my opinion is a SUPER underrated destination, and deserves way more credit. I actually only discovered Split as a destination earlier this year, but knew I had to visit once I saw a few images. The aspect that really attracted me was the old vibe and the buildings that all had a rustic feel as well.

I visited Split in April, right before the wave of tourists that flood Europe every summer. I honestly would recommend April as a good month to visit, because the weather was warm enough to wear summer clothes, but there were not many tourists meaning it was not that crowded, and relatively slightly cheaper than in the peak summer months. 


Split itself is a pretty small city, and you can easily get from one side to the other in 30 minutes or less. I definitely would not recommend renting a car as you really won’t need it, unless you plan on driving elsewhere in croatia. 

When I arrived at the airport, I took a city bus into split, and it was 2.50; the driver accepted payment by card or cash and it took roughly an hour and 20 minutes.

Where I stayed 

I chose to stay at a hostel as I was solo traveling and wanted to have the opportunity to meet people while there. I stayed at En route hostel, as the vibe seemed like the vibe I was going for. I genuinely really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend it as a hostel to anyone visiting Split. 

My favorite part about this hostel was that the dorm rooms were massive, adn the beds were all really spaced out. They also had lockers that locked with a key (provided upon checkin) and had curtains which made the beds really cozy.

The whole hostel overall just felt really really clean, probably one of the cleanest hostels I’ve stayed at. 

They also had a massive common aea to hang out in and meet other travellers. Certain nights of the week pub crawls were organized as well, which is always a super fun way to meet other travellers and go out together. 

I also really liked how they had a fully equipped kitchen, which was great for making your own meals. 


I had not really researched the cost of things in Croatia, before my trip, and was pleasantly surprised by the cost of everything. As I live in London, everything seemed so much cheaper and because of this I would highly recommend Split as a destination for budget travelers who want a destination that not only fits in their budget but is gorgeous as well.

Average costs:

Beer: 1.5

Meal: 6

Public transit: 2.5

Hostel: 10

Where to go out

One really fun place to go out, especially if you are a solo traveler, is charlie’s backpacker bar. The vibe is amazing and it is centered around connecting backpackers from all over. They even have a challenge where you can win a charlies tshirt. 

Things to do

Here’s a list of my favourite things that I did while in split:

Križ na Marjanu (lookout point)

If you’re ok with climbing a few hundreds steps, I would 100% recommend you check out this lookout point  because it is literally STUNNING! You can see the whole of split, as well as the surrounding mountains. The steps honestly are not even steep, and it takes less than 10 minutes to climb them. There is also a massive park behind the lookout point, that would be the perfect place for a picnic or just to relax throughout the day.

Riva wak

The riva walkway is where the city meets the ocean, and I just fond it a really nice part of split. Palm trees line the sidewalk, and there are benches you can sit and relax on all along. It is also a great spot to take pictures as you can have the oceana nd part of the city in the back, and of course the palm trees. 


If you love cats, get excited because they are EVERYWHERE in Split! There are also multiple “cat houses” throughout where the cats all gather. There are organizations that provide food for them and give them medical care if necessary; although they are wild, since there are so many people in the city that engage with them, they all seemed to be quite tame and rather friendly. 


There were markets surrounding Christiansburg palace every day I was there, which were weekdays, so I’m assuming they may happen every day. They sold a selection of fresh produce, bread, clothing and souvenirs. There were also some markets behind the old town that had large selections. 

Walking around

I think my favorite part of visiting Split wss just aimlessly wandering around and taking in the city. I especially loved walking around the old town; it felt like a maze once you’re inside but the stones and shope were all so cool to check out. For me the architecture seemed to be inspired by a mix of Greece and italy. 


There is a beach in Split, however I would not recommend paying it a visit. The sand was pretty hard and it just wasn’t the crystal blue beach you probably have in mind. If you want a beach day, I’d suggest doing a daytrip to a beach nearby. 

Diocletian’s palace

This was beautiful, and is quite central in Split itself. I would suggest going early (before 10am) because there were so many tourist groups constantly visiting, making it really crowded. I did not do a tour of the palace, I just walked around and took it in; you really don’t need much time here, I’d budget 30 minutes max.

How long to go 

I visited Split for 3 days, and it was more than enough; I would honestly have found one day to be enough because it just isn’t a massive city. If you are planning on doing day trips however, I’d suggest you plan for 1-2 days in Split and then one day per day trip (so that you can have accommodation in Split and travel each day).


If you’re looking for a European city that is stunning, affordable, and not too touristy I think you’ll love Split. I felt completely safe the entire time and the people were very friendly and welcoming. If you want to see more pictures from my trip be sure to follow me on instagram! 

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4 unique ways to combat the effects of jet lag

Jetlag- the part of traveling that just can’t be avoided and can leave us soo tired for days, or unable to sleep. This is definitely one of the not so avoidable parts of traveling, as we can fully enjoy ourselves when we are beyond exhausted. When traveling for really long distances, jetlag will be worse as the time difference will be greater; these situations make it much more noticeable than if the time differences were only a few hours. Although you can’t always completely avoid jet lag, I’m going to be giving you my tips on how you can greatly reduce it so that you can suffer as minimal as possible and enjoy your travels more!

Adjusting your sleep schedule gradually 

With this method, you will be adjusting the timing that you go to sleep and wake up for about two weeks prior to your travels. This way, you can be eased into the time difference and although there still may be a big difference, you won’t notice it as much as you have adjusted partially. For this one, if your destination is ahead of your current time, you will want to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier and if it is behind you, you will want to go to sleep later and wake up later. I would recommend adjusting in 2 hour increments. If you think about it- if your destination time zone is 9 hours ahead but you have already adjusted your schedule by 4 hours, then it will only be a 5 hour difference instead of a 9 hour difference, which is essentially a whole day. 

Try not to sleep until night 

When you arrive at your destination, try your best to not sleep until night, even if it means early evening such as 6 or 7pm. It may be really difficult, but if you can fight it the first day, trust me it will regulate your sleep schedule so much faster and make you way less tired for the remainder of the trip. If you do end up sleeping early on the first day, you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night wired and ready for the day, and then exhausted mid day the following day- this is exactly the cycle we are trying to avoid. 

Take melatonin (if it helps you)

As we know, our body naturally produces melatonin throughout the day which aids in our sleep. You can purchase melatonin to take additionally, which can help you to fall asleep if you want to sleep at a certain time of the day. This can help regulate your sleep schedule, and is especially useful if you are traveling to a destination where the time is behind your current time zone; if you are struggling to sleep at night melatonin can be a great solution. 

Sleeping on the plane

If you have a night flight especially, I find sleeping on the plane can almost trick your body into thinking it is in the same time zone, as you can often wake up and be at your destination. I find that even if I only sleep for 3 hours on the plane, I am not too tired to function when I arrive but also tired enough to sleep at night, helping me to acclimate quickly to the new timezone. Of course you can also take melatonin if your flight is earlier than you would normally sleep, and it can help you sleep and stay asleep the whole flight. 

Eating healthy

Of course if you fuel your body well, it will have an easier time adapting and regulating itself to new time zones. The week before you fly it is always a good idea to try and consume more vitamins and nutritious food so that you can not only be feeling your best while traveling, but not be as sluggish and tired. 

Caffeine and alcohol

In addition to eating healthy, limiting/reducing you caffeine and alcohol consumption can alos help your body to adjust more easily to the new timezones. Moreover, if you consume large quantities of alcohol while flying, a hangover certainly won’t make the pre existing jet lag any easier! 

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Unique And Stunning Photo Spots In Nice, France

As you’ve probably heard, the south of France is famous for its beauty and French summer aesthetic. I would totally agree that the whole region is any photographer and instagrammer’s dream come true. In this guide I’m going to share with you my favorite photo spots from the south of France 

1.The Negresco 

This building is a classic to nice, it is on the main strip that looks over the ocean, right next to a famous casino. It is gorgeous and such an iconic building that is a key symbol of the French Riviera nightlife. I would especially recommend it if you like more neutral tones in your feed, as it gives a mix of a nice backdrop mixed with a fancier shot. 


If you want to get your perfect beach pics, I would for sure recommend taking them at the beach in Nice. I would say it is one of my favorite beaches due to the color of the water; it is one of the most blue beaches I’ve come across. There are spots on the beach where you can also get palm trees in the background, and some of the Nice strip if you’d like. Another iconic element of the beaches in Nice are their white and blue striped umbrellas; they look super cute in pictures and make it clear that you got to visit the beautiful Nice beaches. 

3.Castle hill lookout 

This is probably my favorite photo spot in all of Nice. Once you finish climbing the hundreds of stairs, you will reach the lookout point that gives you not only a stunning view of the city, but several picture spots that will be sure to spice up your feed and camera roll. Another great part about this lookout spot is that it gives you the option of either getting a view of old town or the port of Nice; I would recommend taking your pics over the Nice port earlier in the day, and your pics looking over old town later in the day in order to get the best lighting. 

4. Old town 

Old town is a really cute spot to take pics in Nice; the whole area has cute bright tones of yellow and orange. Old town is also not that big, making it easy to walk around and find your favorite spot in no time. It is also fun just to explore this little town, and take in all the south of france summer vibes. 

5. Vieux Port Nice 

This spot is also a great picture spot and will give you the summer look you’ve been seeking. If you stand at the south side of the port, you can get the marina in the background as well as the hills of Nice. It is definitely a great spot to display the beautiful south of France ports and summer vibes.

Know before you go

How To Actually See The Northern Lights

The northern lights had been on my bucket list ever since I discovered they existed, and seeing them in person did not disappoint. They are so special because you can only see them in certain regions of the world, at certain times of the year.

If you find yourself in an area where they can be spotted, or you are traveling to a destination with high hopes of seeing them, this guide will help you to maximize your chances of seeing them.

Depending on where you are traveling, there may be an organized tour you can take to try and see them. These tours are typically found in popular destinations/ big cities (ex. Reykjavik, Oslo, Norway, etc.). If the destination you are traveling to does not offer a tour but you still want to see the northern lights don’t worry, because this guide is going to tell you everything you need to know in order to have as good of a chance of seeing them as if you were on a tour. 

The first thing you need to know is that you are never guaranteed to see the northern lights. Not to get into the science, but they occur when electrons from the sun strike and react in a way with the electrons in the earth’s atmosphere, which reacts and releases light (which we see as the northern lights). Because this is a phenomenon, it is therefore not constantly occurring which is why even if the conditions are all met, you still may not see them. There are a few conditions that have to be met in order to be able to see them; this just means that after these conditions are all met you have a chance of seeing them, but even if they are all met it is not guaranteed that you will see them. This is also why I would highly recommend learning how to find them yourself instead of booking a tour.

What to know

The KP index 

The KP index is a scale that measures the amount of aurora activity within the earth’s atmosphere (so essentially how strongly the sun is currently reacting with the earth’s atmosphere). Think about the KP index like you would the weather app; it is based on certain locations. The KP index is the same, you can set it to a certain region and it will show you a map of how strong the KP currency is, or is forecasted to be that day/ that week. 

Another thing you need to know about the KP index is that it is measured on a scale from 0-9, where 0 means there is no solar activity (and therefore no northern lights) to 9 meaning there is strong solar activity (and lots of northern lights). If the Kp is 1-3, the lights will appear faint but you will still be able to see the colour. If the KP is 4-6, the lights will be of medium brightness, and if the KP is from 7-9 the lights will be really strong and vibrant. 

Cloud cover

This one is probably what you will hear the most, that you need a clear sky to see the northern lights and this is true! There is a correlation between the KP index and could cover, which I’ll get to after. The main thing you need to know is that you need a clear sky to see the northern lights. And this is because the lights occur above all clouds, and so if there are clouds they will block your view of the lights if they are currently happening. If the clouds are not that thick and the northern lights are very strong, you may be able to see the color/ a glow from the clouds, but it will not be the same as if you were looking at them without the clouds. If there are some clouds but also space without clouds, you may be able to see the northern lights between the clouds.

How to actually see/ find them

Once you understand how the northern lights work & what conditions you need to to spot them, finding them is only a matter of getting yourself to a region with a relatively high KP index & without any clouds. In order to do this, there are a few apps you can use. I use the app aurora; it did everything you need and I would definitely recommend it. You can either select your current location, or enter a custom location. It then gives you cloud coverage maps for the next few hours, as well as the KP index hourly and for the upcoming week. 

What to do

If the KP index is at least a 2.3, you will be able to notice the lights; at 2.3 it will be a really faint glow and anything less you likely won’t see. Once you have analyzed the KP index, if it is high enough that you will be able to see the lights, you’ll now have to check the cloud coverage map. When you find an area without clouds, this is where you want to be. Once you arrive at your location, all you can do now is look at the sky and wait for them to appear. The good thing about hunting for them yourself is if you get to your location and clouds appear, you can check the map and head to another location. Remember again that even if all the conditions are met, it is never guaranteed that you will see the lights. Another app that I found helpful is hello aurora; I liked this app because people can post pictures with the locations of the lights as they spot them, so it can give you live updates on what locations near you are currently observing the lights. 

It may seem complicated, but in reality anyone can do it and you have just as good of a chance finding them on your own as you do with a tour, provided you follow the tactics to spotting them. Another fun thing about the light is that they show up much more intensely on camera, so if you see even the finest glow in the sky capture a picture and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

I hope you get to experience the northern lights as well because they re so amazing, and please let me know your experiences/ stories as I’d love to hear them!

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